We are in a time of fulfillment when we may finally and fully understand the all-encompassing wholeness of one God Almighty who manifested Himself as Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit. And we may fully understand baptizing the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The whole world may now move into the spiritual realm with a New World Spirit by acknowledging one God and understanding the wholeness of a balanced Trinity for real harmony between man and God (each individual and God), between man and man (each individual and society), and between man and creation.

Perhaps we can also see that:

  • The Word of God spoken at creation brought order out of physical chaos.
  • The Word became flesh in the Lord Jesus to bring order out of social chaos.
  • The Word unsealed will bring order out of conceptual chaos.


Now all people everywhere may understand God’s Word and truly know God.

In the beginning was the Word. But the Word needed understanding to accomplish what God purposed—for each of us to know God intimately and personally through the Lord Jesus Christ and all that he was, is, and did for us. So we may all be one with God.

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