Galileo, Columbus, Luther

New World

The New World was discovered just in time to provide a refuge for Protestants so a New World Spirit might evolve and be fulfilled.

The New World Spirit that began in the climate of the times around 1500 had three main thrusts of development represented by three men:

Galileo:  science-technology. He used the lens and was the father of modern science.

Columbus: social-political. He discovered America, the US Declaration of Independence was written.

Luther: ideational-spiritual individuals. This should come through the Reformation’s “priesthood of the believer.”

Finally, each individual will think for himself and understand what Jesus meant when he said that ideas and attitudes held and cherished in the heart—and mind—were more important than law. For ideas and beliefs do shape our actions and our world.

During the next 500 years these three thrusts of development would gradually be fulfilled, so a New World Spirit might evolve as Western Civilization was carried into all the world.

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