Separating and Gathering Together

In the beginning was the Word, but the Word needed interpreting. Perhaps a fresh approach is needed in our interpretation so we may truly know God Almighty, whose Word created, whose Word became flesh, and whose Word unsealed may bring understanding to all His people in all His world.

While the Bible does not provide a definitive study of creation of history, it is amazing the way a mere phrase can suggest and encompass an entire stage of development. We are only beginning to understand this, thanks to scientific and archeological discoveries of the twentieth century. Yet ironically, the Bible may still be ahead of science.

Two remarkable phrases run through the first ten verses of Genesis: “He separated and He gathered.” This “separating and gathering together” is the pattern of creation by which God began His long chain of physical evolution that we are only beginning to understand.

In the last decade or so, we have started hearing about dark energy and dark matter. A recent article stated that about 70 percent of the universe is dark energy, 25 percent is dark matter, and only 5 percent is matter as we know it. No one really knows what the two are, yet scientists seem to agree that dark energy is a force that pushes things—pushes the universe—apart. Isn’t that the same as “separating”? Dark matter pulls things together. Isn’t that the same as “gathering together”? These are the two underlying forces that drive the universe. “Separating and gathering together.”

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