The Right Hand of God examines the Bible and Christianity in the context of history so the church may have an all-encompassing view of history and of the world—within a metaphysical framework that includes all knowledge yet is easy to understand.

The narrative is tersely written because no one has time for lengthy expositions. It is simplified, perhaps oversimplified, so that we may comprehend the overall framework without getting too concerned with details now. It also assumes a basic knowledge of the Bible.

The main purpose is to provide a deeper understanding of the Trinity.

  • Creator: through understanding evolution—physical, social, and spiritual—as God’s pattern of creation
  • Christ: through understanding the concept that the “Son of man at the right hand of God” includes all of BC and AD history, plus Owen Barfield’s idea that “all of history lies between the First and Third Persons of the Trinity”
  • Spirit: through understanding the importance of will or spirit as the third part of the “heredity-environment-will” equation so each person with an indwelling of the Holy Spirit may merge his will with God’s Will, his spirit with God’s Spirit

Finally, we will be able to enter the age of integrity when we have harmony between man and God (each individual of integrity with God), between man and man (throughout all society), and between man and creation.

Such understanding, along with recognition of One God Almighty, who revealed Himself in the Trinity, may bring enough people to truly know God—to have unity and intimacy with Him—so the spiritual kingdom of God may indeed come to fulfillment in the twenty-first century.

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