Month: June 2017


Tree of Knowledge and Conscious Thought

When Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge, they separated from God and became separate entities, conscious of self. But how?

The serpent persuaded the woman to eat and share with the man. One scholar said, “Three cheers for the snake!” God would certainly have wanted them to use the brain He gave them and to have intelligence and knowledge.

Another scholar, Mic . . .

Separating and Gathering Together

In the beginning was the Word, but the Word needed interpreting. Perhaps a fresh approach is needed in our interpretation so we may truly know God Almighty, whose Word created, whose Word became flesh, and whose Word unsealed may bring understanding to all His people in all His world.

While the Bible does not provide a definitive study o . . .



The Right Hand of God examines the Bible and Christianity in the context of history so the church may have an all-encompassing view of history and of the world—within a metaphysical framework that includes all knowledge yet is easy to understand.

The narrative is tersely written because no one has time for lengthy expositions. It is simplified, perhaps oversimplified, so that we . . .

Two Little Girls in the 1930s

Week 1: Beginnings

Two blond little eight-year-olds sat on the top step of the porch. One had brown eyes and a Dutch-boy haircut. That meant bangs across the forehead and hair cut straight below the ears. The other had blue eyes with the same ear-length hair, but hers was parted and pinned to one side—often with a huge bow that she hated, but little girls wore it in the 1930s.

Tha . . .